Release Notes

KiXforms 2.2.0 (Build 37) - Released 11 Jan 2003

ToolButton Object

Added ToolButton control. A ToolButton permits both text (caption) and graphics on a single button. ToolButton supports almost all of the same properties and methods supported by the existing Button control, plus some exciting new features like flatstyle, popup and colorized hot-tracking.

ImageList Object

Added ImageList control. An ImageList manages a collection of Images (Bitmaps & Icons) that are all the same size. There are properties to set the image size and methods to add icons and bitmaps into the collection. 'AddStrip' adds support for including ToolBar style bitmaps into a script.

Icon Library

Added a library of 16x16 color icons into the actual KIXFORMS.DLL. The icons are referenced by specifying their index number to any control that supports the ICON property. For example, to access the first icon in the library:

$ToolButton.Icon = 0

ListView Object

Enhanced the BeginUpdate and EndUpdate methods by changing their internal behavior. It is now advisable to call BeginUpdate or EndUpdate directly on the ListView object, instead of indirectly by freezing the parent form.

Added EnsureVisible method. EnsureVisible ensures that the specified item is visible within the control, scrolling the contents of the control if necessary. The syntax is:


Index being the zero-based index of the item to scroll into view.

TextBox Object

Added the Copy(), Cut(), Paste(), Undo() methods to TextBox control.

Method Effect
Copy Copies the current selection in the text box to the Clipboard.
Cut Moves the current selection in the text box to the Clipboard.
Paste Replaces the current selection in the text box with the Clipboard contents.
Undo Undoes the last edit operation in the text box.

ComboBox Object

Added DropDownWidth property to ComboBox control. This property gets or sets the size of the drop-down portion of a combo box control. Note: The width of the drop-down cannot be smaller than the ComboBox width.

CheckBox Object

Added ThreeState property to CheckBox control. This enables the third 'undetermined' state (a tick on a grey background) to be displayed. When ThreeState is set to TRUE, the valid CheckBox values are:
  0 = Unchecked
  1 = Checked
  2 = Undefined

Line Method

Added optional Color parameter to Line method. For example:


Feature Changes & Improvements

Changed default size of Form to 300x300 (dotnet).
Corrected TabStop property for ProgressBar. Changed default to FALSE.
Removed extraneous Form refresh after setting Resizable property.

Bug Fixes

Fixed getting FontUnderline property.
Fixed refresh issue with setting backcolor for some controls.
Fixed major memory leak in bitmapped background of Form and PictureBox.
Fixed issue with selecting the first string in a ComboBox (when a similar string existed further down in the list).
Fixed problem with creating a CheckBox without any params, for example: $CheckBox = $Form.CheckBox() would set the size of the CheckBox to 0,0 by default.


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