Introduction & FAQ

What is KiXforms?

The KiXforms library is an object oriented extension to the KiXtart scripting language. It provides a comprehensive collection of forms and controls for building many kinds of graphical applications. KiXforms was developed by Shawn Tassie of CGI Canada. The KiXtart scripting language was developed by Ruud van Velsen of Microsoft Netherlands. This site is developed and maintained by Rodney Clarke of BEA Systems UK.

How do I install KiXforms?

1. Download from the Downloads page on this site.
2. Extract kixforms.dll into any existing or newly created folder.
3. Start a DOS command window.
4. Change directory to the folder containing kixforms.dll.
5. Enter the following command:

c:\> regsvr32 kixforms.dll

A message box should appear saying "DLLRegisterServer in kixforms.dll succeeded", simply click ok and continue. The installation is now complete.

How do I upgrade KiXforms?

Follow the same instructions as per the installation instructions listed above. You can simply overwrite the older kixforms.dll and re-register, or if you prefer, rename the old kixforms.dll to kixforms.old then extract the new version and re-register.

How do I remove KiXforms?

1. Start a DOS command window.
2. Change directory to the folder containing kixforms.dll.
3. Enter the following command:

c:\> regsvr32 /u kixforms.dll

A message box should appear saying "DLLUnregisterServer in kixforms.dll succeeded", simply click ok and continue. Delete kixforms.dll. The removal is now complete.

What is the history of KiXforms?

There has been a lot of work done over the past year and a half in terms of windows snapins for KiXtart. The intent is to provide a Visual Basic-like interface for the KiXtart scripting language. The history of this snapins is as follows:

  1. kixwin32.dll - A very old, very crude event polling snapin by Shawn Tassie.
  2. kixbgi32.dll - A much better snapin with an interface based on the Borland Graphics Standard (BGI). Developed in February 2001, this plugin made it all the way to Build 18 before development work stopped. It was mostly used for writing “underground” KiXtart game scripts. Unfortunately, only one or two of these scripts were ever posted to public forums. Chris Matheson (cj) and Jochen Polster (jpols) of helped in the development of BGI and wrote some VERY impressive scripts in the process.
  3. kixforms.dll - An Windows snapin with an ActiveX interface. Developed using the same powerful graphics standard developed in KiXbgi, the intent was to conform (as much as possible) to the VB style standard for the programming of ActiveX Controls.

What are KiXforms' requirements?

KiXforms has been successfully tested on the following platforms with KiXtart v4.23:

  • Windows 98
  • Windows NT 4.0
  • Windows 2000 (NT 5.0)
  • Windows XP (NT 5.1)

How can I get help with KiXforms?

By far the best place to start is the KiXforms Bulletin Board and in particular the Starters Code Clinic forum. These forums are frequented by many talented coders and Shawn Tassie (the author of KiXforms) is a very regular visitor.

How is new functionality added to KiXforms?

KiXforms has been developed enormously since it was first released and this is partially due to suggestions posted by other KiXtart coders. If you would like to see new functionality implemented, then please post your idea on the Feature Tracking System. If it passes the general acceptance test, then you may be lucky ;-)